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Beautiful, stylish and versatile, Linen Chest's Window Shutters can instantly transform any room in your home. They will complement any style, whether traditional or contemporary, and what's more, they are maintenance-free!  Choose from:-

Tier on tier
Using two sets of Shutters in one frame at your window - one to cover the bottom half, and the other to cover the top half - allows even greater control over light and privacy. Each set opens independently of the other, so you could keep the bottom set closed for privacy while flinging the top set wide open to enjoy your view and let the light flood in.

Full height
For a simple yet beautiful effect opt for a full height Shutter, which covers the entire height of the window.

Café style
Add a continental feel to your home with café style Shutters. They're fitted to the bottom half of the window, allowing the light in while providing privacy at the same time.

Create a stunning large scale look by using our folding tracking options as room dividers or to cover large windows and doors.

Add discreet motorisation so you can change the mood of your room at the touch of a button by opening, closing or angling the louvres by remote control.

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